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Tommy G. Productions' professional and exciting productions of Wool Warriors, Professional Bull Riding (Built for Tough, Challenger and Enterprise Tours), Demolition Derby, Ultimate Fights, Last Man Standing Fights, Monster Trucks, Tough Truck and rodeo events have brought us national recognition as dynamic event promoters.

We know how to drive your gate--with cross promotion and promotion of each individual event. We know how to bring the competitors in, know the benefits of maximum exposure to our sponsors and are confident that the crowds we bring in will browse surrounding vendors before and after each show, increasing your overall fair profitability.

Corporate sponsorships play a huge roll in the success of our events. We are committed to developing partnerships that are mutually beneficial and customized for your special events marketing objectives.

Wool Warriors are one example that drives your gate and gets media attention.

Interested in our Wool Warriors show.....

Your fair or festival will need to provide:
  • 50' wide by 150' long area
  • Clean dirt, 6" to 8" deep, ready on arrival
  • 2 - 120 electrical outlets
  • Access to water and water truck
  • Implements to keep ground worked
  • Forklift for unloading production trailer
  • Feed for stock (to be determined)
  • Stands for spectators (highly recommended)
Tommy G. Provides:
  • Staff
  • Arena and chutes
  • Labor to erect and disassemble
  • Livestock
  • Sound system
  • National Sponsors (will work with you on local sponsors)
  • Signage for arena
  • Safety equipment for kids (helmets and vests, chap rental)
  • Promotional materials (stock footage for tv and print materials)

Opportunities are available to package multiple Tommy G events for your fair (for example a PBR event, Demolition Derby and daily Wool Warriors). Please contact us for a customized packages to fit your needs.

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